President’s Message

Dr.-KhalidIt is a great pleasure and honor for me to serve as president of this great organization along with a very dedicated board.

I personally want to thank my close friends Shahid Khawaja, Abdul W. Paracha, and Javaid S. Syed, who worked with me on the idea to create and found the Pakistani Civic Association.  The whole Pakistani American community is grateful to these leaders. It is because of their support and vision today we are a very strong and effective civic association. This association covers the whole Staten Island for membership as Pakistani Americans lives in every part of Staten Island.

The purpose of this association was to make sure that the Pakistani American community can get to know their fellow citizens and their families and at the same time are recognized and respected in this borough as a great Pakistani American community. For the last 16 years since the inception of this association we have come a long way as a great community.

It was very sad what happened to our great country on 9/11 with loss of life and property by terrorists. They created a bad image of our community as Muslim, and some members of our community were targeted. However, due to the good work of our community, thank God today, we as Pakistani Americans are looked upon as a very peaceful and respectable community.

May God keep great friendship between Pakistan and the United States of America.

With warm regards and best wishes.

Truly yours,
Dr. Mohammad Khalid