General Secretary’s Bio

Sadia Malik Sheikh is a first generation Muslim American- Pakistani born in Staten Island. She received her high school

Degree from Notre Dame Academy and her degree in health care administration from St. John’s University. Her medical background includes Staten Island University Hospital/North-well and Staten Island physicians practice one of the largest primary care networks in NY. For the last 30 years,  she is Vice President of operations and network for Interscience a pathology and molecular based laboratory.

Since Sadia is a bi lingual Urdu and English speaking professional, she has helped to bridge her community needs with the local, state and federal agencies. Sadia is on the executive committee of the Staten Island Democratic Party. She currently serves as the Finance Chair for the Staten Island Democratic Party.   She has volunteered hundreds of hours in assisting indigent patients and families with medical and social service requirements for many years.

She has worked on the board of the Pakistan  Civic Association of Staten Island for over 20 and years has tried to bridge her community struggles on a local and State basis.

Her involvement with small businesses on Staten Island has helped with many job placements and mentoring programs for her community and many starting out medical professionals. She has always been the voice to the many Muslim and Pakistani Americans across the country. She has held many volunteer board positions to better serve her cultural and medical community in the years.

Sadia has been actively involved with the Muslim Observer Newspaper The Muslim Observer (TMO) a weekly newspaper, founded in 1998, focussing on issues relevant to Muslims and Islam. It is based in Farmington, Michigan, United States – a publication by the parent media organization Muslim Media Network Inc..[1]

It reaches all 50 United States and its website,, is visited by thousands of people every day.  The newspaper has a circulation of 20,000. The Muslim Observer (printed newspaper) is mostly distributed free of charge to the mosques and cultural centers in the community. It has national and international correspondents, and publishes a wide variety of departments for its readers, including a children’s section, a health and nutrition section, and various regional pages, including the ones for Houston, southeast Michigan, and south Florida.

Her most recent work has been recognizing the special needs of Muslims detainees in immigration custody and detention facility to ensure the basic Islamic tools are readily accessible such as halal meals, prayer Rugs, ladies hijab, Islamic lectures and English translated Qurans.  Through her efforts many community leaders have supported her endeavors for immigrants.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, Sadia has worked with many associations to offer RT-PCR testing to indigent community members. She has worked very closely with Trial Lawyers Association and Meals on Wheels.

Sadia has held a board position with the Salvation Army of Staten Island, a non for profit organization.

 She has served as the chairman to the Staten Island democratic gala in the past years. She is currently the chairman of finance for the Staten Island Democratic Party.

In her meeting with Vice-President Biden in 2016, Sadia stressed her community needs to the White House, particularly the needs of professional mentors for the community and small business struggles and needs.

Sadia along with her relations with District Attorney of Staten Island have helped and assisted many battered and abused women within her community through her involvement with the local mosque and churches. Her outreach has further helped these families maintain jobs and provide better lives for the young children. Sadia has successfully maintained her liaisons and network because of her friendly and loving approach to helping the community. She never says no and always tries her best to find a solution to a problem. She has been labeled as “crisis manager” among her peers because of her ability to understand and bridge community and peoples problems with governmental solutions. Her relentless desire to help others is seen with the outstanding number of supporters she has within the community of Staten Island.

She is currently on the board of Pakistani Staten Island Civic Association.

Sadia is on board of trustees for Islamic Society of Staten Island

Sadia is on the honoree board of East/West University in Illinois.

Sadia is an active member of the Brooklyn Islamic Center based in Bayridge, Brooklyn.

Sadia is the oldest daughter to dr. Mazhar and Shahnaz Malik. An immigrant professional family that has been established in Staten Island for over 50 years.

It is at her roots within her family that she has learned the values of eastern and western cultures and ethics. Sadia is married to Ahsan Sheikh and has two lovely sons, Fahad and Yousuf. She continues to instill the values and cultures of her background in her family through involving her children in many of her charity work as the second generation of American Muslim Pakistani living in Staten Island and through New York State.